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Month in Review



Observer: Larry Antush

Location: Shelton, Timberlake WA. USA

Elev: 220’

Latitude: 47° 13'N.

Longitude: -122° 58W.

Ave MAY High Temp: 66.9° Sea/Tac Airport High Temp: 66° on 5-14.

Ave MAY Low Temp: 44.2°. Sea/Tac Airport Low Temp: 38° on 5-12.

Monthly Mean Temp: 51.6 ° .

Monthly Mean High Temp: 60.3 °.

Monthly Mean Low Temp: 42.8 °.

Heat Degree Days: 443.2.

Cold Degree Days: 2.8.

High Temp: 70° on 5-18,19. Low Temp: 36° on 5-1. Days Temp: 80° or above 0: Days Temps 90° or above:0. Days Temp 32° or below: 0. Normal MAY Precipitation: 2.62". Actual Precipitation: 3.99". Departure from Normal:+1.37" Above Normal. Max 24 Hr Precipitation : 0.75" on 5-14. Precipitation Year to Date: 28.30". Precipitation includes Water from Snowmelt content: .Normal Precipitation Year: 65.69". Precipitation Days: 16. Total Thunderstorm Days: 1 . Ave Outside Humidity: 64%. Ave Ground Temp: 54° Ave Dew Point: 43.8°. Total Fog Days :0. High Wind Gust: 18mph on 5-16. Ave Wind Speed: 10mph. Damaging Wind Days: 0. High Barometer: 30.47" on 5-4. Low Barometer: 29.55" on 5-15. . Ave High Barometer : 30.04". Ave Low Barometer: 29.93": . Ave Daily Barometer: 29.98" ". Total Sunshine Hours Month: 129.07.. Max Sunshine Hours Day: 10.26 on 5-3. Total Snow Fall Month:0 . .Max 24 Hours Snowfall:0 . Total Snowfall Year to Date:

Month in Review:

5-1: Month starting with sunshine, spring type temps.

5-4: Sunshine, warm temps again will be on the program today, then week ending with cooler temps, showers.

5-8: May continues with showers, sunshine, slightly warmer temps. Still hope for a nice spring yet.

5-11: Light rain moved in overenight and will be with us for the next few days.

5-14: After a nice Friday the 13th, the sunshine will give way again to more rain that will move in this afternoon. Spring skiing continues at Crystal Mt with 90" base snow on ground. Crystal Mt had 583" snow this past winter.

5-15: Rain, heavy at times returned overnight. Flood warnings issued for Eastern Washington. Flood watch on for some Western Washington Rivers for possible flooding today. Cooler temps, rain starting the new week. This weekend set new precipitation records in Western Washington. This type storm usually comes in Oct. Major flooding is causing problems in Eastern Washington as snow from a near record snowpack in the Mts, is melting from the warm rains of late.

5-19: Spring has sprung the past couple of days with sunshine, warmer temps. More of same continues thru Saturday. Sunday chance of rain returns.

5-21: Spring type temps just temporary as clouds and showers returned to end week.

5-24: High pressure over Western Washington today, will bring warmer temps, sunshine most of day before La Nina sends another cool wet low system which will be with us through the long Memorial Day weekend.

5-27: Cooler than normal temps, showers continue into the long Memorial Day weekend.

5-31: NOAA confirmed that a F0 Tornado did touch down in Lewis County a few days ago. WInds around 70 mph were reported, The tornado was on the ground for about 12 minutes. May ended with above normal precipitation, cooler than normal. May was the 4th wettest and coolest month on record.

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Larry Antush