News & Info Around The Lakes 

              Timberlake Community Club Tractor Help: Did you know? If you need a tractor for chores such as spreading gravel or digging a trench, your Timberlake HOA Maintenance Department can help. Depending on availability, we’ll provide a tractor with an operator to help with your tasks. Member cost is $75 per hour. Call (360) 427-8928 Extension 4 to schedule.
July 28, 2019: Evacuation - Our Rules Committee and others have been working on this at your request. Evacuation Plans, Labeled "2019-01 Emergency Alternative Exit Resolution" are sitting in the MPC, ready for member pick-up and reading. It will also be placed on our Web Site at under the Rules and By-Laws TAB.
March 29, 2020: Please visit the State Coronavirus page for the latest news and statistics related to the COVID-19 outbreak and the actions being taken in Washington to contain it: 
November 16, 2020:  Click here for updated MPC office restrictions now in place: Updated Restrictions
August 28, 2020: Feeding the deer in Timberlakes? - Click here for important info: Feeding Deer
November 22, 2020: The TLCC Community Meetings will be virtual using ZOOM for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in joining these meetings, please contact the office at 360-427-8928 to provide your email address. An invitation will be sent to your email giving access and notice of when the meetings will be held. **Please note that when you sign into the Zoom meetings you are consenting to be on video and/or recorded. **The recording of the Zoom sessions and printed copies of the minutes will be posted to the Timberlake website following each meeting.