News & Info Around The Lakes 

              Timberlake Community Club Tractor Help: Did you know? If you need a tractor for chores such as spreading gravel or digging a trench, your Timberlake HOA Maintenance Department can help. Depending on availability, we’ll provide a tractor with an operator to help with your tasks. Member cost is $75 per hour. Call (360) 427-8928 Extension 4 to schedule.
July 28, 2019: Evacuation - Our Rules Committee and others have been working on this at your request. Evacuation Plans, Labeled "2019-01 Emergency Alternative Exit Resolution" are sitting in the MPC, ready for member pick-up and reading. It will also be placed on our Web Site at under the Rules and By-Laws TAB.
March 29, 2020: Please visit the State Coronavirus page for the latest news and statistics related to the COVID-19 outbreak and the actions being taken in Washington to contain it: 
November 16, 2020:  Click here for updated MPC office restrictions now in place: Updated Restrictions
August 28, 2020: Feeding the deer in Timberlakes? - Click here for important info: Feeding Deer
November 22, 2020: The TLCC Community Meetings will be virtual using ZOOM for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in joining these meetings, please contact the office at 360-427-8928 to provide your email address. An invitation will be sent to your email giving access and notice of when the meetings will be held. **Please note that when you sign into the Zoom meetings you are consenting to be on video and/or recorded. **The recording of the Zoom sessions and printed copies of the minutes will be posted to the Timberlake website following each meeting.
April 15, 2021: The following Tree Cutting Resolution has been updated by the TLCC Rules Committee and is now available for community members to review and provide comments. Please send any comments to our office manager at by May 15th.  Tree Cutting Resolution 
April 20, 2021: Burn Restrictions - Temporary county-wide burn restrictions go into effect April 20th, 2021 at 1:00am until further notice. This burn restriction applies to OUTDOOR BURNING, including land clearing and yard debris, and does NOT include prohibition of recreational fires, charcoal briquette barbecues, and existing burn permits. The use of gas and propane barbecues will continue to be allowed under the restrictions.